Friday, 12 November 2010

Truly Authentic HAND MADE bags!

We sell Truly Authentic Hand made Tribal Ethnic bags! FULL STOP!

They are not cheap Imitations, which are Machined bags sold as Hand made...Like others and there are a lot out there!

We dont try to make people confused by selling cheap bags and claiming they are Handmade Or try to sell them at ridiculous prices!
We sell Luxury Items which have been Crafted with passion and have considerable time and skill put into them. This can be difficult to see and understand when on the Internet. We will in the following weeks and months be providing our customers the opportunity to see the difference with helpful advice and photos.

We want our customers to be confident that they are buying EXACTLY what they are being told they are getting.

Luxury Lanna Crafts is dedicated to not only sell bags of High quality, but to make sure our customers understand That there different bags at different qualities, but there are big BIG differences between them.

We Only sell Vintage Textiles, like Hmong Baby carry, Afghani or Indian Tribal and this is captured in the Unique Character and charm. There are literally only a few Sellers on the Internet, with Truly Authentic Handmade Original Tribal handbags.

So dont be caught out........

Feel free to look at our shop and contact me for any questions you have.

Nuk x x x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

First Blog from our new site........Luxury Lanna Crafts

Come and Join us at !

We are one of  a few sellers of Truly Original Authentic Handmade bags from Traditional Tribal and Ethnic Designs. Designed from Nature, Handcrafted in quality From Chiangmai, Thailand (The Heart of Thailand)!
Vintage, Boho, Surfer Hippy Chic, new fashion styles realised in old Traditional patterns from Hmong Baby carrier, Indian and Afghan Textiles. Passionately crafted by hand, Each and every bag is Truly Unique, be Different and Stand out from the crowd.

We welcome all to get High Fashion, Culture, and Something Special now!
Luxury Lanna Crafts
Nuk   X X X