Friday, 18 November 2011

wholesale fabric and leather straps on Etsy for sale, Now!

We are introducing bag kits so that those with the experience to do so can make their own bags, using the same high quality components i use in my shop. You can buy fabric and use your own handles, or buy our genuine leather tote handles to attatch, and just make the fabric into a bag.
We hope this will bring more people to create a beautiful vintage tribal bag, and pass on thier own design for their shop or business. if anyone is interested in larger quantities bigger discounts can be given, please look on etsy now for some ideas, we have a lot of fabric so please get in contact and we can show you what we have.

Thank you for your interest and support, i hope this gets people creating beautiful bags with beautiful vintage tribal fabrics, this is only available from Luxury Lanna crafts!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Luxury Lanna New bags winter season 2011 on Sale Now!

Even with the floods causing major destruction and damage, I am happy to announce new bags for the winter season!
I have put a broad selection of bags and will be adding hopefully every week up until xmas and new year, please check out some new ranges from Laos Tai dum, rare Hmong vintage baby carrier and of course the more classic Hmong tote style you are familiar with.

We hope to be offering a greater and bigger range of vintage tribal bags and an even better price for our valued customers, so please check out the New sale of these items on Etsy.

Best wishes and regards for the winter season. X x x