Sunday, 12 December 2010

More sales @ LuxuryLannaCrafts on Etsy Big Sale now for Xmas!

We have only been on Etsy a month or so and have had a great response from all our friends and customers alike. We are so happy to have made 4 sales within a month of being open, and hope to keep providing Quality Handmade Tribal Bags from Chiangmai to people all over the world!
We would like to Thank Everyone who is supporting Lanna Culture and local Business in Chiangmai, by having a Big sale on all items until Xmas day!
With Luxury Genuine Handmade Hmong baby carry bags to Amazing Afghan Tribal and Incredible Electric Indian Textiles. All handbags are handmade and authentic Vintage Tribal materials.

Please come and take a look now at Etsy, before your favorite Luxury Handmade bag goes!!!!!!!
Vintage, Boho, Hmong baby carry, Handmade, Luxury, Tribal, Antique, Chic, hippy surf, Ethnic. All at Luxury Lanna Crafts NOW! Merry BOHOHOHO XMAS!

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Luxury Lanna Crafts

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Huge SALE Hmong baby carrier HANDBAGS! Luxury Lanna Crafts

Massive sales on all our Unique Handmade Bags upto 40% off until Xmas Day, including Afghan and Indian ~Tribal/Ethnic Textiles from the East. We use Vintage Fabrics and lovingly craft them into Beautiful Accessories for the modern Woman.
Hmong Tribe Textiles are one of the most sort after, and well known. They bring various qualities and Aesthetics that make them stand out from others. For more information follow up on the blogspot to understand the difference between Authentic Hmong vintage Textiles and Machined modern designs.
Luxury Lanna Crafts only sell Vintage Hmong baby carry Handbags Fashioned from the best material, we pride ourselves on Quality and being one of only a few Genuine sellers on the Internet Direct from Chiangmai, Thailand. We are a Family of Craftspeople and as a business provide art and textiles for many different aspects of Thai culture.
We hope you will visit us soon at Etsy, safe and secure shopping for Everyone using Paypal.

LuxuryLannaCrafts X x x X

Monday, 29 November 2010

Chiangmai - Authentic Luxury Hmong Baby carry Handbags

There is a lot of interest around Hmong baby carrier Textiles, even more so when they are used to make beautiful Handbags. The vivid colour and style of the Tribal pattern is unmatched in technical brilliance with accents of inspiration from the Hmong tribes Surroundings. These are Fashionable Textiles, but with deeper meaning and with greater sense of itself through tradition and culture its beauty is undeniable.

Each Unique style represents a mothers individual gift to her baby,  a gift of warmth in keeping them close. We take this idea further and make the now Vintage textile Anew by handcrafting it with passion for the modern woman as a Beautiful Fashion Accessory. With the passion and heart that was used to make the baby carrier, We use that ambition to make the Luxury Lanna Handbag!

We are proud to be developing a range of Handbags that guarantee three things:

Handmade - All our bags are Handmade (without question) no reproductions by machine here.
Unique - Because all our Handbags are Handmade they are all unique and not repeated.
Beautiful - The bags we chose are from the finest Textiles from Tribes around Asia, That guarantee exotic Ethnic beauty and charm.

For more check us out at Luxury Lanna Crafts by clicking the Etsy shop on the above tab, or by clicking the icon below:

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Exploring Authentic Hmong baby carrier Textiles by LuxuryLannaCrafts

Click here for the website!

This is a simple site for exploring the world of Hmong baby carrier Textiles, which we use to make our bags. Vintage textiles are used that are originally Handmade by Hmong Tribes and then Handcrafted into Luxurious Handbags. We are preserving Textiles as Art for functionality and Modern day use, taking old and making new.

We are passionate about high quality Authentic products, Genuine Hmong baby carrier textiles are used at Luxury Lanna Crafts because of their Beauty and their Uniqueness!

We want to promote these bags as an extension of keeping the art form and culture of Ethnic and Tribal people alive as it is dying out, and becoming more and more Rare. We are passionate about these bags and hope you will be too, take a look at our shop on Etsy....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Merry Boho HO HO XMAS @ LuxuryLannaCrafts

Have a BOHO HOHO XMAS gift for yourself, or friends and family @ LUXURYLANNACRAFTS!

We have a massive range of Luxury Genuine Hmong baby carrier Handbags, Handmade full of passion and Unique. Free Delivery on Items over $200 worldwide and 10% off all bags if you join our facebook page and become a fan.

For all Hmong, Tribal, Ethnic, Boho, Vintage, Chic, Surfer Hippy, Genuine Handmade Handbags then get onto Etsy now......check out the online shop above.

Happy holidays winter season

LuxuryLannaCrafts x x x

Rare and Vintage Handmade Handbags Private collection

I currently have my own Private collection on ETSY which is made up mainly of Rare, Vintage Hmong baby carrier Textiles and other Luxury Tribal Designs and Textiles. I have been having such a good response to my Handbags, but I have a feeling that i Love these bags so much that i am going to keep them as they are so rare i dont want to see them go.

But I hope to be setting up a mini gallery/museum to display these bags in Chiangmai, Thailand. We have found a way of giving our friends and customers, Unique HANDMADE Tribal Handbags but for a much better price. These wont have the same Rare vintage textiles from years gone by, but will be Luxurious and full of colour as you'd expect from Hmong baby carrier.

Hope you will visit us at Boho ho ho ho xmas to all of you. LuxuryLannaCrafts x x x

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Genuine Hmong Tribal bags Luxury Lanna Crafts Free delivery....

Luxury Lanna Crafts is NOW giving Free Delivery On all Order over $200 until Christmas Eve (dec. 24th)!!!!!!

We hope that everyone Enjoys the Beautiful Luxury of Owning GENUINE Luxury HANDMADE Tribal bags over the Winter season.

Hmong baby carrier is a Truly Amazing Textile that is Traditional but also contemporary in Style;
Tribal, Ethnic, Boho, Chic, Surf Hippy, Whatever your style Come and join us at

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

simone camille has Amazing Tribal bags

I want to say I am a big fan of Simone Camille Handbags, Our Handmade handbags Share similar qualities with the Designers bags. Although without the Expensive Designer price tag. We Use Vintage, Rare Textiles from Tribes Around Asia and beyond. Hmong baby carrier Textiles from Chiangmai, Thailand.

We have so many bags, of impressive qualities, one of the truly Authentic qualities is being Handmade, Crafted with passion. We use the Beauty and nature of Thailand to design our bags.

Please check us out on facebook

or come to our shop at Etsy

Hmong baby carry Handmade Bags and First customer...

We have our First customer on Etsy, and i am so happy to sell my handbags. We have so much choice from Hmong baby carry, to Afghan tribal and Indian Ethnic style Textiles. All hand crafted with amazing embroidery, Rare and unique, Truly Original Fashion.

We hope to have more customers enjoy the fantastic range, come and see us on Etsy.

Authentic Hmong baby carry handbags, dont be fooled by machined imitations, we have the best quality and Authentic hmong Tribal Textiles on the Net.

Come and experience Lanna culture and Ethnic Boho Tribal surfer chic Fashion.

X x x

Friday, 12 November 2010

Truly Authentic HAND MADE bags!

We sell Truly Authentic Hand made Tribal Ethnic bags! FULL STOP!

They are not cheap Imitations, which are Machined bags sold as Hand made...Like others and there are a lot out there!

We dont try to make people confused by selling cheap bags and claiming they are Handmade Or try to sell them at ridiculous prices!
We sell Luxury Items which have been Crafted with passion and have considerable time and skill put into them. This can be difficult to see and understand when on the Internet. We will in the following weeks and months be providing our customers the opportunity to see the difference with helpful advice and photos.

We want our customers to be confident that they are buying EXACTLY what they are being told they are getting.

Luxury Lanna Crafts is dedicated to not only sell bags of High quality, but to make sure our customers understand That there different bags at different qualities, but there are big BIG differences between them.

We Only sell Vintage Textiles, like Hmong Baby carry, Afghani or Indian Tribal and this is captured in the Unique Character and charm. There are literally only a few Sellers on the Internet, with Truly Authentic Handmade Original Tribal handbags.

So dont be caught out........

Feel free to look at our shop and contact me for any questions you have.

Nuk x x x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

First Blog from our new site........Luxury Lanna Crafts

Come and Join us at !

We are one of  a few sellers of Truly Original Authentic Handmade bags from Traditional Tribal and Ethnic Designs. Designed from Nature, Handcrafted in quality From Chiangmai, Thailand (The Heart of Thailand)!
Vintage, Boho, Surfer Hippy Chic, new fashion styles realised in old Traditional patterns from Hmong Baby carrier, Indian and Afghan Textiles. Passionately crafted by hand, Each and every bag is Truly Unique, be Different and Stand out from the crowd.

We welcome all to get High Fashion, Culture, and Something Special now!
Luxury Lanna Crafts
Nuk   X X X