Monday, 29 November 2010

Chiangmai - Authentic Luxury Hmong Baby carry Handbags

There is a lot of interest around Hmong baby carrier Textiles, even more so when they are used to make beautiful Handbags. The vivid colour and style of the Tribal pattern is unmatched in technical brilliance with accents of inspiration from the Hmong tribes Surroundings. These are Fashionable Textiles, but with deeper meaning and with greater sense of itself through tradition and culture its beauty is undeniable.

Each Unique style represents a mothers individual gift to her baby,  a gift of warmth in keeping them close. We take this idea further and make the now Vintage textile Anew by handcrafting it with passion for the modern woman as a Beautiful Fashion Accessory. With the passion and heart that was used to make the baby carrier, We use that ambition to make the Luxury Lanna Handbag!

We are proud to be developing a range of Handbags that guarantee three things:

Handmade - All our bags are Handmade (without question) no reproductions by machine here.
Unique - Because all our Handbags are Handmade they are all unique and not repeated.
Beautiful - The bags we chose are from the finest Textiles from Tribes around Asia, That guarantee exotic Ethnic beauty and charm.

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