Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lavish Lanna member of TAFA list supporting the world community of crafters and business together

Lavish Lanna is Supporting the comunity of textile and crafters out there, who are coming together from all parts of the world so we can unite to bring more people the passion of handmade, desirable craft from the traditional and cultural aspects of life.

 I am happy to be a member of TAFA List and now the new webpage is now up and running here is a quick link for like minded people and business's from all around the world to gather and make connections.


 This change and movement i hope will grow, and we can see more beauty and handmade items become the mainstream again, rather then the throw away. all of Lavish Lanna bags and fashion accessories are made from handmade, naturally dyed sources using traditional tribal methods, this is guaranteed as they are all vintage fabrics. We source each fabric individually, we meet the people who make them when ever possible. I love the Lanna Culture and environment, it fills me with great emotive feelings and great ambition to spread this as far as possible. Thank you to every one who supports me and this movement and passion for high quality handmade, textiles that we can rescue from the dispair of neglect and make for you something beautiful and functional for every day use. Nuk x x x