Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Featured on a friends blog site

Luxury is delighted to be featured on a Blogsite of a dear friend Talia, she has a passion for tribal and cultural fashions like me. She writes very kindly about our bags and accessories, and i would like to thank her for her support and interest. Thank you

Nuk x x x Luxury Lanna Crafts

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New Luxury vintage Ethnic bags out NOW

We are going to be having a sale on Vintage Indian Bags in the coming weeks, but till then please check out our AMAZING new line of Luxury Vintage bags and accessories!

We will be releasing bags over the coming weeks including vintage Indian Kantha, Laos Tai duum, Indian Kutch and Hmong vintage. All of our beautiful friends and customers are welcome, so please take a look.

We are still the cheapest for Genuine vintage handmade textiles crafted in to luxurious items on the net. We provide the biggest range of tribal textiles and the best service.

We look forward to your visit!

Regards Nuk x x x