About us

Hello (Sawasdee Ka),
Welcome to Luxury Lanna Crafts.

I live in the Northern Province of Thailand, called Chiangmai. This was once called Lanna (million rice fields),now Lanna is used to term the traditions and culture of Northern Thailand which I hold close to my heart.
Luxury Lanna Crafts is a culmination of my passion for Quality Handmade bags. We take tribal textiles, and turn them into one off designs, displaying excellent vivid colours and embroidery.

We sell 100% Genuine Handmade Hmong baby carry bags from the mountainous Tribes of Thailand, we are one of a only a few that use a Rare vintage material. All our bags are one offs, not repeated, like machined bags that other sellers use. We are passionate about our bags and this is shown in the design and quality of them!

"A bag steeped in culture and tradition for the modern woman." "A true piece of Art and Fashion"

We like to think we are
Boho, Brilliant, Unique, Antique, Hippy surf chic, Vintage, Dazzling, Handmade and Luxurious!

I always feel special wearing these bags,as each one follows traditional designs but is also unique in its look, and so contemporary. These unique handmade bags are my whole life with over 6 years experience from my very first shop in Bangkok to now.
I have fallen in love with the tribal patterns, colours and quality. I would like to share this passion with everyone.
Thank you for your interest in our little shop, and enjoy our handbags!

Please read our policy page as all bags have unique characteristics.

Nuk X X X