Sunday, 25 December 2011

Festive Fun Starts Sales @ Etsy Big savings on Ethnic tribal bags

Luxury wishes everyone a happy festive season and New Year!

We are giving everyone a unique opportunity to buy the latest season bags at incredible prices, we have large stocks ready for you to own a piece of Luxury Ethnic tribal ware even cheaper than our already cheap prices. Get brilliant Vintage tribal fashion from Hmong, Banjara, Laos, Karen and many more....

We already sell at upto half the price of bags than other sellers on our luxury lines but are giving our valued customer another massive discount. We want to thank everyone for a great year and for all the positive feedback to make your holiday and new year even more fun and exciting.

This sale is on for a limited time but INCLUDES all Sale items too so be quick and own a piece of Luxury now.

This promotion cannot be used with any other promotion and is only valid for a limited time.
Thankyou happy New Year. x x x Nuk @ Luxury Lanna Crafts

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Luxury ethnic tribal bags on sale now @ etsy

We are pleased to have some incredible vintage ethnic bags from tribes around Asia, we have some of the finest quality rare handmade tribal fabrics that we recycle into beautiful exotic boho chic fashion bags and accessories. This xmas and new year you can buy our most beautiful set of hmong, karen, miao, banjara, afghani textile bags. Also including an exclusive Loas fabric bag set and ideas for the spring season. We would love you to come and see us and get something special and luxurious this holiday season.
We thank all of customers for the year almost gone and welcome all new customers for the year about to start.

Hope to see you soon. Nuk. X x x

Friday, 18 November 2011

wholesale fabric and leather straps on Etsy for sale, Now!

We are introducing bag kits so that those with the experience to do so can make their own bags, using the same high quality components i use in my shop. You can buy fabric and use your own handles, or buy our genuine leather tote handles to attatch, and just make the fabric into a bag.
We hope this will bring more people to create a beautiful vintage tribal bag, and pass on thier own design for their shop or business. if anyone is interested in larger quantities bigger discounts can be given, please look on etsy now for some ideas, we have a lot of fabric so please get in contact and we can show you what we have.

Thank you for your interest and support, i hope this gets people creating beautiful bags with beautiful vintage tribal fabrics, this is only available from Luxury Lanna crafts!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Luxury Lanna New bags winter season 2011 on Sale Now!

Even with the floods causing major destruction and damage, I am happy to announce new bags for the winter season!
I have put a broad selection of bags and will be adding hopefully every week up until xmas and new year, please check out some new ranges from Laos Tai dum, rare Hmong vintage baby carrier and of course the more classic Hmong tote style you are familiar with.

We hope to be offering a greater and bigger range of vintage tribal bags and an even better price for our valued customers, so please check out the New sale of these items on Etsy.

Best wishes and regards for the winter season. X x x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Luxury Lanna Crafts 1 year Sale celebration Now

Luxury Lanna Crafts Sale Now on until 8th October celebrating 1 year opening. A very Big Thankyou for all of customers help, support and passion for Luxury ethnic bags. We are giving 20% off any bag under $100, and 30% off any bag over $100!
We are the cheapest on the net for Luxury vintage fashion from tribes around Asia. Get the bargains now.(excludes sale items)
Thank you
Nuk x x x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New range of Luxury Laos vintage fabrics only on Etsy

Check out the Laos tribal fabrics, incredible amazing Geometric designs and handcrafted quality.

Designed from Nature, Handcrafted with Quality

Many different textiles, colours, grades and uses, so please inquire.

We can also make any fabric into a bag, for a quote email me on

Thank you

Nuk x x x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Laos Vintage Fabric cheapest on the net, with Etsy

We are now selling Luxury Laos handmade vintage fabric from the tribes of this beautiful country.
These vintage Antique textiles are born from the surroundings of the tribes people, they include geometric designs that dazzle and amaze. Typical examples of animals, plants birds to the mythical dragon and infamous tiger. Striking colours are achieved from hand dying cotton with various plant pigments to make sharp beautiful images. Laos tribes are diverse and like the tribe and individual so is the fabric, incredible rare and unique.
Colour, sizes uses and grades are all different and can be used for simple decoration around the house, to stunning art images or even as fabric for crafting. We get it exclusive and direct from the source, so you dont have to! We dont charge inflated antique prices like everyone else, we want everyone to own a piece of truly inspiring High quality tribal crafts, so please take a look!

The first fabrics we put on Etsy will be at a special discount rate until the end of the month, so get in quick before they are all gone!!!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cosa Verde Blog brings Luxury Lanna happiness

We are pleased again for the support and interest into Luxury's bags and the beautiful customers that are so kind with words and generosity. I wish them all the happiness and thank them from the heart for their praise. We hope that we can bring Vintage textiles from Asia to a wider audience by making them more affordable for everyone. We dont think that they should be high priced and exclusive like other shops, but they must have the best quality.
I believe strongly that beauty and luxury should not come at a price!

Luxury Lanna Crafts - Designed from Nature, Handcrafted with Quality.

Regards Nuk x x x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Luxury Lanna Boho Chic NEW Bags arrived NOW

Luxury is bringing More Vintage tribal chic to you for less, We believe that you shouldnt have to pay Exclusive prices for Luxury Unique Designer items. We deal direct with tribes, we make all parts of our bag in-house, so that we can bring you the best handcrafted quality and vintage style with the cheapest prices.
We are happy to give all our facebook friends 5% discount on anything on Etsy, as well as V.I.P discounts for our valued returning customers.
We bring you the very best textiles from around Asia, and we hope you enjoy the Luxury, unique quality of Recycled vintage fabric. Thank you x x x
Check out the new bags below:

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Luxury brings New bags for Autumn winter season

Luxury Lanna is bringing new Hmong style Tote bags for Autumn winter season, bags have aready started to sell, so take a look soon. Clutch, small hmong bag and Indian carry also available. Vintage never looked so good, chic or Boho.

Take a look:

Sunday, 21 August 2011

New Baby hat clutch and clutch bags on ETSY

We are starting to add new lines of cute vintage baby hats, ethnic hmong clutch and clutch bags. With all our products we recycle the fabric, meaning true Luxury doesn't have to cost the earth.
We are a specialist and make the bags and leather straps in-house, we take pride in our work, and we hope you get to enjoy the benefits.
Luxury Lanna is passionate about vintage tribal wear and our customers, we try to make every luxury piece at an affordable price. We dont believe in charging excessive prices, and want everyone to own a piece of Luxury.
We hope to see you soon, on Etsy, facebook, twitter and our website.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Featured on a friends blog site

Luxury is delighted to be featured on a Blogsite of a dear friend Talia, she has a passion for tribal and cultural fashions like me. She writes very kindly about our bags and accessories, and i would like to thank her for her support and interest. Thank you

Nuk x x x Luxury Lanna Crafts

(click the link above)

New Luxury vintage Ethnic bags out NOW

We are going to be having a sale on Vintage Indian Bags in the coming weeks, but till then please check out our AMAZING new line of Luxury Vintage bags and accessories!

We will be releasing bags over the coming weeks including vintage Indian Kantha, Laos Tai duum, Indian Kutch and Hmong vintage. All of our beautiful friends and customers are welcome, so please take a look.

We are still the cheapest for Genuine vintage handmade textiles crafted in to luxurious items on the net. We provide the biggest range of tribal textiles and the best service.

We look forward to your visit!

Regards Nuk x x x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

ETSY SALE Celebrating 99 Vintage bags sold $99 Sale

Welcome to all our friends and customers, We are continuing the sale incase you missed out, and celebrating our 99th bag sold. We have been open only 9 months, so it seems right to give all our beautiful customers a chance of owning a bag of Luxury for $99.

Thats right $99, the cheapest for Genuine Vintage handmade tribal bags, on the net.

We offer the best service for quality of bag and quality of service. We sell Hmong, Karen, Banjara, Kutch and Kantha vintage textile bags. We are passionate about bags and dont charge you for wanting something beautiful, instead we try hard to continue to make our bags better and our prices cheaper!!

We know you will love our sale and our bags, so become a Fan, or add to your twitter.

Thank you for your interest and support in our culture and shop.

Nuk x x x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Massive Etsy sale Ending Today, Vintage Handmade ethnic Handbags

Thank you to everyone who has grabbed a fantastic bargain in the last 2 days of SALE! Today is the last day for less then wholesale prices on Vintage Luxury Designer Handbags. Hmong Tribal textiles that we Recycle and craft with love to make beautiful Unique Tribal Fashion for modern, boho Chic Women.
Get passionate about Luxurious vintage fabrics, 1000 years of Tribal traditions and culture passed down from one mother to her child. Hmong baby carrier Textiles, designed from Nature handcrafted with Quality. Birds and flowers flow seamlessly across fabric, and pop out from thebag in stunning colour. Orignal price $139, Now Sale $87.99! The biggest Sale this Year!

Look here for last chance bags:

Thank you for supporting Lanna Culture


Nuk x x x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Etsy Sale 2 more days ends 10th July less then wholesale....

Thank you so much to everyone who has given there interest and bought bags, we love your passion for our bags and your kindness.

There is still 2more days of bag buying to be had, with Handmade Vintage Ethnic bags less then wholesale prices. We know you will love the Luxury of owning Designer unique Vintage bags, that no one else has, feel Luxurious, Sexy and Chic.

We Thank all our friends for there interest in our culture and store, and look forward to you visiting again.

Look out for our website coming soon....!!!!!! Check us on facebook, Twitter and blogger.

Nuk x x x

Etsy Sale Vintage Ethnic handbags less then wholesale

Etsy Sale now on Luxury Lanna Crafts Massive Sale!

Click the link for sale prices or click below for etsy.

Nuk x x x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Luxury Lanna On Etsy MAssive Sale Hours from Starting....

Hours Away from the BIGGEST Sale of the Season, All bags on sale less then wholesale price. Grab a Bargain before they're GONE! No Reservations First to come , First served! We thank all of our customers and friends for your support and we hope you visit us for our new Season line coming in Aug/ September.
Have a Great weekend!

Luxury Lanna crafts

Nuk x x x

Maker and Seller of Vintage Handmade Tribal Textiles, lovingly Recycled and luxuriously crafted in to beautiful Unique Handbags. Tribes from Asia include Hmong(miao), Karen, Indian Banjara, Kutch Region Tribes, and Kantha style.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Biggest Sale of the Year All bags on Sale $88 starting 8th July.....Etsy!

We are having a BIG Sell OFF in 2 weeks! ALL bags on Sale will be only $88 each, and will be on sale for 3 days only!! Starting from Friday the 8th July to Sunday 10th. This is first come, first served and no reservations. We are starting a New line of bags and want to make way for our New Autumn collection. So remember $88 on the 8th July! Grab a Bargain and tell your friends! Nuk x x x watch out for more updates and news

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wholesale specialist, email us for quote!

We are specialists in Wholesale for trade discounts on Genuine Handmade Tribal fabric bags from Hmong, Karen, Kutch, Banjara we can meet demand, quality, and the service you need. We already sell to business's all around the world in all continents, and we would love for you to share our passion with your customers.

"Designed from nature, Handcrafted with Quality"

Please feel free to contact us for a quote, and rest knowing we provide no hassle quick and easy invoicing through PAYPAL, as well as updates, exchanges, and reliable and cheap delivery!

For all your Boho, Chic, Unique, antique needs please come to the specialist

Luxury Lanna Crafts on facebook, etsy, twitter, and blogger.

Thank you x x x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Luxury Lanna Crafts Tribal Bag Accessories Now for Sale x x x

We now have an amazing opportunity to sell Handmade Tribal Charms, These are beautiful Fashion Accessories to accompany your Luxury Lanna Bag.

They are lovingly and meticulously Hand crafted from shells, beads, wood, bells, Hmong stitched fabrics and of course pom poms.

We love them for thier amazing Aesthetic.

Cute, Desirable Fashion Accessories for absolutley anything and everything.

Come and check out now!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

New Bags @ Luxury Lanna Crafts Hmong/Indian/Afghan/ Tribal

Get Luxury Now! New bags from Intense Indian Tribal to Amazing Afghani and Luxury Handmade Hmong baby carrier. We sell Genuine Handmade Textiles, beautifully crafted and lovingly made into things of beauty. We have a wide range of Fashion accessories and we guarantee the Highest Quality and the cheapest prices, we can do this because we use online shopping direct from ourselves with ETSY. We are a Local Family business, that prides itself on local knowledge and experience. We can ship Worldwide within 7 working Days to get you your Desirable Luxury Handbags Now.

Shop now:


Monday, 24 January 2011

BANGKOKart Now selling on Etsy

Amazing Art based around Thailand's Ancient culture and History. Using the impressive impacting beauty of coloured pastel to express and extenuate the feelings of both Artist and the scene he is creating. Stark Contrasts Juxtapose the Background from its delightful colour foreground. The Art truly expresses and captures moments in time and of times gone by, that are quick losing their arena in Thailand to modernity.

If you want a piece of Luxurious Folk Art, that is an original piece of Artwork of the highest quality from a prestigious Artist then look no further than BANGKOKart on Etsy. Thai inspired art by a Thai Artisan for your pleasure. Own a piece of real art, NO COPIES and Amazing low prices.

Take a look: