Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Genuine Hmong Tribal bags Luxury Lanna Crafts Free delivery....

Luxury Lanna Crafts is NOW giving Free Delivery On all Order over $200 until Christmas Eve (dec. 24th)!!!!!!

We hope that everyone Enjoys the Beautiful Luxury of Owning GENUINE Luxury HANDMADE Tribal bags over the Winter season.

Hmong baby carrier is a Truly Amazing Textile that is Traditional but also contemporary in Style;
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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

simone camille has Amazing Tribal bags

I want to say I am a big fan of Simone Camille Handbags, Our Handmade handbags Share similar qualities with the Designers bags. Although without the Expensive Designer price tag. We Use Vintage, Rare Textiles from Tribes Around Asia and beyond. Hmong baby carrier Textiles from Chiangmai, Thailand.

We have so many bags, of impressive qualities, one of the truly Authentic qualities is being Handmade, Crafted with passion. We use the Beauty and nature of Thailand to design our bags.

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Hmong baby carry Handmade Bags and First customer...

We have our First customer on Etsy, and i am so happy to sell my handbags. We have so much choice from Hmong baby carry, to Afghan tribal and Indian Ethnic style Textiles. All hand crafted with amazing embroidery, Rare and unique, Truly Original Fashion.

We hope to have more customers enjoy the fantastic range, come and see us on Etsy.

Authentic Hmong baby carry handbags, dont be fooled by machined imitations, we have the best quality and Authentic hmong Tribal Textiles on the Net.

Come and experience Lanna culture and Ethnic Boho Tribal surfer chic Fashion.

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