Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lavish Lanna Competition entry now until 8th October

Win a Beautiful Lavish Lanna Handmade textile tote bag Worth $165 including shipping.

click the link Below to enter NOW only 2 weeks to go!

Lavish Lanna competition - Enter Now to Win Tote bag 

We are Celebrating 2 years of selling our unique Handmade ethnic textile bags on Etsy. We have gained 100% customer feedback and have had the pleasure of meeting new friends and customers from all over the world. To say Thank you I am giving away a beautiful Hmong Fabric tote, and if you get friends to like my page and share the passion, the chance of another beautiful tribl tote bag is also on offer.

So dont hesitate, click now for a chance to WIN, and as bonus anyone who enters will get a 15% discount voucher sent to them by email to be used on any bag on ETSY until 8th October.

Thank You!

Nuk x x x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lavish Lanna Competition 2 years on Etsy Celebration

Competition time Celebrating 2 years on ETSY, to say a big THANK YOU to all of our customers, friends and followers we are giving away a $140 Lavish Lanna Tribal handmade textile tote bag with shipping. We want to say Thank you to everyone, so we are giving everyone the chance to get 15% off all bags online up until 8th October 2012 which is our shop birthday on etsy.
To get the disount simply follow the link to like the facebook page and join the competition event to recieve the voucher. Details will posted in the week about how to enter the competition. Share the passion of the shop and our celebration together. Thank you!
https://www.facebook.com/events/466460293386583/ to join the event and get the voucher.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lavish Lanna member of TAFA list supporting the world community of crafters and business together

Lavish Lanna is Supporting the comunity of textile and crafters out there, who are coming together from all parts of the world so we can unite to bring more people the passion of handmade, desirable craft from the traditional and cultural aspects of life.

 I am happy to be a member of TAFA List and now the new webpage is now up and running here is a quick link for like minded people and business's from all around the world to gather and make connections.


 This change and movement i hope will grow, and we can see more beauty and handmade items become the mainstream again, rather then the throw away. all of Lavish Lanna bags and fashion accessories are made from handmade, naturally dyed sources using traditional tribal methods, this is guaranteed as they are all vintage fabrics. We source each fabric individually, we meet the people who make them when ever possible. I love the Lanna Culture and environment, it fills me with great emotive feelings and great ambition to spread this as far as possible. Thank you to every one who supports me and this movement and passion for high quality handmade, textiles that we can rescue from the dispair of neglect and make for you something beautiful and functional for every day use. Nuk x x x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Luxury Lanna Crafts now Lavish Lanna on Etsy

Change is good, in fact its great! luxury lanna crafts is now changing to Lavish Lanna, why, i hear you ask? simple, I want something that represents our new line of Tribal boho Fashion, Beautiful vintage homewares and of course our most desirable range of Handmade textile handbags and accessories. You still get the highest quality of personal service that you would expect from a small family run business. A warm welcome to the world of Asian Tribal Textiles from Thailand, Laos, India and Afghanistan. From communities and tribes such as Hmong, Karen, Lisu, Akha, Tai duum, Banjara, Kutchi, and the brilliant styles of Suzani, Kantha and my own mix and ideas from this amazing cultural world. I hope you enjoy the new name, please tell me about it by connecting to my facebook page Get the Latest news, views and Fashion about to go live to the shop. Get your friends and share the love and get discounts from twitter here Start shopping now here Best wishes to everyone Nuk x x x Lavish Lanna on etsy

Friday, 18 May 2012

Spring time had brought many complications,including illness and my sons broken arm! We had a slowdown in bags being made because of this drama, but im happy to say that with summer starting we have a great collection of bags including Hmong, Miao(Chinese hmong),Banjara, kutchi and Afghani. We also have Laos fabrics appearing again, as i am staying in the region where these fabrics are available with the tribal community still active. I hope you all have had a great springtime and that your summer is full of fun, happiness and of course a bit of Luxury. look out for the new styles coming through,i hope to get some more normality to my posts, bag making and your kind interest. All the best for summer. Nuk x x x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Thai New Year Celebrate with us 20% off all bags on Etsy Now

Welcome Everyone. We are celebrating Sonkgran Thai new year and want everyone to join us in our celebrations. We are going to have a promotional offer and sale of 20 % off Everything on the Etsy shop. We want to wish all our customers friends and family the very best of luck, health and happiness for the New year. To be part of our celebrations, we ask you join our VIP Luxury Lounge just to the right of the post. This gets you all the latest news, promotions and sales. It brings you, our VIP, the benefits of being at the front of queue. Once you have typed in your email address(only for luxury lanna) you can goto the shop and start getting your discounts. simply use the voucher codes sent to you in the reply message.

HAPPY SONGKRAN from Nuk @ Luxury Lanna Crafts.

Please note bags bought after 10th April will be sent when songkran has finished on the 19th April. x x x

Anyone eho has already sent their email can contact me for voucher when they find a bag and are ready to check out.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sign up and get Exclusives, News and Discounts @ Luxury Lanna Crafts

With all this support, that we have gathered since launching Luxury Lanna Crafts, we would like to focus in on our customers and offer Sales, discounts and new bag arrivals first and exclusively to out VIP's.
We hope you will sign up(right hand side) to be part of our growing community and to make us able to serve you better and more directly.
We hope to provide promotions, sales and News so you get the very best service from the store, these will only be weekly updates, so you wont be screaming at your inbox. With the option to unsubscribe at any time.
We hope you take the chance to improve our relationship and help us to make sure your always at the front of the queue.

thank you for taking the time and hope to send out the first email soon.

Nuk x x x

Recent Floods Thailand New changes........Luxury Lanna Hmong Bags

Due to the Recent Flooding in Thailand, I have been busy helping my family and others in getting their lives back on track to normality. My family is moving to the home place of my fathers parents, in the beautiful Northern reaches of Thailand.
I want to thank all of the fans, clients and customers of my bags who have stayed with the shop, though little activity has taken place.
We hope to have more Beautiful Unique, vintage Hmong bags coming onto Etsy within the Next week. We have some delightful and incredible strong pieces that i know everyone will love and adore. We have also some NEW concept ideas for summer for bringing that Ethnic boho look to the beach or BBQ.
Please once again allow me to Thank all of you beautiful people for giving me the opportunity to express our culture and make beautiful fashion for you to enjoy.

Hope to see you at the store soon.

Nuk x x x

Friday, 6 January 2012

New year and new season bags on sale on Etsy now

We are now adding the newest seasons bags on sale at luxury lanna crafts on etsy. Handmade vintage fabric that is both rare and unique, a beautiful transition from practical baby carrier to desirable luxurious bag. I want to be able to design and make bags that give everyone the ability to own a piece of rare and beautiful tribal fabric wear. My feedback is 100%, and i try hard to make sure that everyone that buys a bag feels that they get the expeirence of buying direct from Chiangmai themselves. This means local prices as if you were buying direct, and the customer service and friendly nature you would recieve if speaking to someone in the market or shop. Yet we still have the lowest prices because we make our own bags and parts and only sell on etsy.
I hope you love this new season bags and i wish everyone a very hapy new year.
Best wishes
Nuk x x x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Luxury Lanns Crafts wishes Etsy customers happy new year!

I want to thank everyone who made 2011 a fantastic exciting time and who is enjoyong their handmade vintage tribal bags and the beauty of tribal fashion. Our customers are the most supportive and beautiful people and i wish you all a happy new year and i look forwsrd to your visit in 2012. I have many new lines and ideas for this new year so please come and visit us on etsy to check them out.

Once again thank you and happy new year.

From Nuk @ Luxury Lanna Crafts Chiangmai. x x x