Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New range of Luxury Laos vintage fabrics only on Etsy

Check out the Laos tribal fabrics, incredible amazing Geometric designs and handcrafted quality.

Designed from Nature, Handcrafted with Quality

Many different textiles, colours, grades and uses, so please inquire.

We can also make any fabric into a bag, for a quote email me on Luxurylannacrafts@hotmail.com

Thank you

Nuk x x x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Laos Vintage Fabric cheapest on the net, with Etsy

We are now selling Luxury Laos handmade vintage fabric from the tribes of this beautiful country.
These vintage Antique textiles are born from the surroundings of the tribes people, they include geometric designs that dazzle and amaze. Typical examples of animals, plants birds to the mythical dragon and infamous tiger. Striking colours are achieved from hand dying cotton with various plant pigments to make sharp beautiful images. Laos tribes are diverse and like the tribe and individual so is the fabric, incredible rare and unique.
Colour, sizes uses and grades are all different and can be used for simple decoration around the house, to stunning art images or even as fabric for crafting. We get it exclusive and direct from the source, so you dont have to! We dont charge inflated antique prices like everyone else, we want everyone to own a piece of truly inspiring High quality tribal crafts, so please take a look!

The first fabrics we put on Etsy will be at a special discount rate until the end of the month, so get in quick before they are all gone!!!!