Friday, 6 January 2012

New year and new season bags on sale on Etsy now

We are now adding the newest seasons bags on sale at luxury lanna crafts on etsy. Handmade vintage fabric that is both rare and unique, a beautiful transition from practical baby carrier to desirable luxurious bag. I want to be able to design and make bags that give everyone the ability to own a piece of rare and beautiful tribal fabric wear. My feedback is 100%, and i try hard to make sure that everyone that buys a bag feels that they get the expeirence of buying direct from Chiangmai themselves. This means local prices as if you were buying direct, and the customer service and friendly nature you would recieve if speaking to someone in the market or shop. Yet we still have the lowest prices because we make our own bags and parts and only sell on etsy.
I hope you love this new season bags and i wish everyone a very hapy new year.
Best wishes
Nuk x x x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Luxury Lanns Crafts wishes Etsy customers happy new year!

I want to thank everyone who made 2011 a fantastic exciting time and who is enjoyong their handmade vintage tribal bags and the beauty of tribal fashion. Our customers are the most supportive and beautiful people and i wish you all a happy new year and i look forwsrd to your visit in 2012. I have many new lines and ideas for this new year so please come and visit us on etsy to check them out.

Once again thank you and happy new year.

From Nuk @ Luxury Lanna Crafts Chiangmai. x x x