Saturday, 27 November 2010

Exploring Authentic Hmong baby carrier Textiles by LuxuryLannaCrafts

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This is a simple site for exploring the world of Hmong baby carrier Textiles, which we use to make our bags. Vintage textiles are used that are originally Handmade by Hmong Tribes and then Handcrafted into Luxurious Handbags. We are preserving Textiles as Art for functionality and Modern day use, taking old and making new.

We are passionate about high quality Authentic products, Genuine Hmong baby carrier textiles are used at Luxury Lanna Crafts because of their Beauty and their Uniqueness!

We want to promote these bags as an extension of keeping the art form and culture of Ethnic and Tribal people alive as it is dying out, and becoming more and more Rare. We are passionate about these bags and hope you will be too, take a look at our shop on Etsy....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Merry Boho HO HO XMAS @ LuxuryLannaCrafts

Have a BOHO HOHO XMAS gift for yourself, or friends and family @ LUXURYLANNACRAFTS!

We have a massive range of Luxury Genuine Hmong baby carrier Handbags, Handmade full of passion and Unique. Free Delivery on Items over $200 worldwide and 10% off all bags if you join our facebook page and become a fan.

For all Hmong, Tribal, Ethnic, Boho, Vintage, Chic, Surfer Hippy, Genuine Handmade Handbags then get onto Etsy now......check out the online shop above.

Happy holidays winter season

LuxuryLannaCrafts x x x

Rare and Vintage Handmade Handbags Private collection

I currently have my own Private collection on ETSY which is made up mainly of Rare, Vintage Hmong baby carrier Textiles and other Luxury Tribal Designs and Textiles. I have been having such a good response to my Handbags, but I have a feeling that i Love these bags so much that i am going to keep them as they are so rare i dont want to see them go.

But I hope to be setting up a mini gallery/museum to display these bags in Chiangmai, Thailand. We have found a way of giving our friends and customers, Unique HANDMADE Tribal Handbags but for a much better price. These wont have the same Rare vintage textiles from years gone by, but will be Luxurious and full of colour as you'd expect from Hmong baby carrier.

Hope you will visit us at Boho ho ho ho xmas to all of you. LuxuryLannaCrafts x x x