Friday, 8 July 2011

Etsy Sale 2 more days ends 10th July less then wholesale....

Thank you so much to everyone who has given there interest and bought bags, we love your passion for our bags and your kindness.

There is still 2more days of bag buying to be had, with Handmade Vintage Ethnic bags less then wholesale prices. We know you will love the Luxury of owning Designer unique Vintage bags, that no one else has, feel Luxurious, Sexy and Chic.

We Thank all our friends for there interest in our culture and store, and look forward to you visiting again.

Look out for our website coming soon....!!!!!! Check us on facebook, Twitter and blogger.

Nuk x x x

Etsy Sale Vintage Ethnic handbags less then wholesale

Etsy Sale now on Luxury Lanna Crafts Massive Sale!

Click the link for sale prices or click below for etsy.

Nuk x x x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Luxury Lanna On Etsy MAssive Sale Hours from Starting....

Hours Away from the BIGGEST Sale of the Season, All bags on sale less then wholesale price. Grab a Bargain before they're GONE! No Reservations First to come , First served! We thank all of our customers and friends for your support and we hope you visit us for our new Season line coming in Aug/ September.
Have a Great weekend!

Luxury Lanna crafts

Nuk x x x

Maker and Seller of Vintage Handmade Tribal Textiles, lovingly Recycled and luxuriously crafted in to beautiful Unique Handbags. Tribes from Asia include Hmong(miao), Karen, Indian Banjara, Kutch Region Tribes, and Kantha style.